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Taking a few days to recharge is a great idea for just about any overworked employee. Most Americans have two or three weeks a year to take advantage of time off. Some have less, and a few have more. That’s not much time to spend on a trip, but here are some relatively inexpensive places that busy workers can visit during the summer. Some are domestic, and some are overseas.

Los Angeles

Southern California is known for sun and surf, but the area is also quite accessible from many other cities. LAX is a major hub for many domestic and foreign airlines, and prices for flights tend to be among the lowest in the nation. Visiting Hollywood or Disneyland are on many people’s bucket lists, and summer is a great time to go.


Many Americans might be surprised, but Oslo is a relatively cheap place to get to. Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air has flights to Norway and other European destinations from several major cities throughout the US. Once in Norway, visitors can check out the Viking Ship Museum to explore Viking culture. Additionally, the Fram Museum holds the boat that Roald Amundsen took on his Antarctic expedition that reached the South Pole. While food can be a bit on the pricey side in Oslo, flights can be inexpensive and affordable lodging can also be had.

The Baltic

The Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were not nations during the Cold War. After the fall of the USSR, each of these small nations on the Baltic Sea declared their independence. They are each relatively inexpensive by American standards, and they are popular cruise destinations. The Curonian Spit is a short distance from Klaipeda/Palanga Airport in Lithuania, and it offers stunning beaches and sand dunes for those who want a foreign beach experience in a surprising location.


Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers some impressive scenery. The city is a leading tourist destination, and it serves as a hub for United Airlines so many people can reach it easily. Rocky Mountain National Park is just a short drive away. So are several picturesque ski towns that are quite stunning even in the summer.

These a just a few of the cost-effective travel options for busy employees. While they might be some distance away, they can be surprisingly affordable. This could be the year to take advantage of some time away from the office by making a visit to one of these destinations.