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It is amazing what you can do with an old piece of furniture. Sure, you could go to Ikea or Pottery Barn and get a new piece to put in your home, however, there is something special about fixing up an old unique piece, and putting your own modern twist on it. There are endless possibilities when fixing up an old armoire.

General Steps to Restoration

Make sure before you begin the restoration process your give your armoire a thorough cleaning. It’s important to clear away the dust and grime before you begin work. The next step would be stripping the old paint or stain away from the armoire. Make sure you repair any dings or scratches after you strip the piece. The final step is to refinish the piece – this step is where you can get creative! Paint it a modern color, add new handles, mirrors, or other personalizing touches to make the piece unique to your style.

Craft Cabinet

The small spaces and separation possibilities in an armoire make it perfect to fit baskets, drill in pins and hooks, and install shelves. Store your glue guns, your pens and pencils, ribbons and wrapping paper. Your refinished armoire becomes a great organizational station for all of those small craft supplies and can live in a craft room, adding a cute touch to the space!


If you live in a small utility apartment, or have small storage spaces for your foods and spices, an armoire can be the perfect tool to organize your snacks and cooking wear! You can install extra shelves, or add a wine rack to store jars of spices. Don’t limit yourself to the interior space of the armoire – use the doors as well!

Clothes Storage

Do you ever find yourself lacking closet space for all of your clothes? A restored armoire can be the perfect fix! Sweaters, blankets, and other bulky items can be stacked inside an armoire if you install some extra shelves. Install a tension rod and hang those extra dresses, or add some cubbies and give your shoes a new home.

Entertainment Stand

An armoire can be a perfect place to house your TV, especially when you want to hide the TV during more formal gatherings. The bottom storage of the armoire can be for DVDs, remotes, and other items used for the entertainment stand. You can hide the cables and wires in the back, and drill holes directly near the outlet for a clean look!

These are only a few of the many possibilities for a restored armoire. Get creative! An antique piece can be transformed and personalized to perfectly match your aesthetic. Not only will you save money, but you’ll create something unique and practical for your home’s needs.